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International NATM-Programmes have successfully started

On the 9th of September in 2013 the University Programmes „New Austrian Tunnelling Method Engineering“ have started successfully for the third time. And again the courses welcome students from all over the world, for example India, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Germany, United States of America and Mexico.


During the first get-together event in the evening, the new participants had the possibility not only to get a first impression of culinary specialities in Austria, but also to meet people from former classes, having an interesting chat about studying NATM-Engineering.


The next programmes will start in September 2015. 


Second University Course "NATM-Engineer" started

16 participants from 8 different countries successfully graduated in spring 2011.

The second course in NATM Engineering started in September 2011.


Master of Engineering

Since 2011 it is possible to participate also in a Master Course in Tunnelling. Basis is the University Course "NATM Engineering". After completion of this course, additional two modules have to be taken to receive the title "Master of Engineering" in Tunnelling.


University Course Video

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Course folder:

The current course folder can be downloaded here.